Driving with confidence

The art of driving and the thrill of adventure

There are a number of ways to improve your driving skills. You can get used to driving through accompanied driving or by taking driving courses.

24/7 roadside assistance

If you have a problem on the road

24/7 roadside assistance provides help to the driver in the event of an accident, breakdown or puncture on the road. This optional coverage generally includes the vehicle, driver and passengers. It also includes breakdown assistance or towing of the damaged vehicle.

Safe and efficient driving practices

Driving guide

Drive safely and efficiently, while respecting the traffic signs and regulations. Maintain your concentration at the wheel and adapt your speed to road conditions.

Defensive driving strategies

Caution and foresight

Drivers who adopt defensive driving strategies must assess the risks, anticipate dangerous situations and adapt their driving to their environment.

4x4 off-road: easy hire

Hire a 4×4 to explore otherwise inaccessible areas in a conventional car. When you drive your off-roader, take into account the type of transmission, fuel or gearbox. Make sure you hire from Getaround and benefit from a personalised service and tailor-made assistance.

Ready to escape

Planning a holiday road-trip

Plan your itinerary

Find destinations for your next road-trip by checking travel guides, blogs or specialist websites.

Choose your vehicle

When choosing your hire car for your road-trip, take into account your comfort, your budget and, above all, your itinerary.

Take precautions

When you drive in a new country, you must respect its traffic rules.

Make a checklist

When you draw up a checklist for a road trip, don’t forget to add the documents, equipment and tools you will need.

Driving pleasure

Memorable destinations on four wheels

Considered to be the road-trip country par excellence, the United States abounds in grandiose landscapes. If you want to explore New Zealand off-road, you can contemplate majestic fjords.

U.S. Route 66 in the United States

The Himalayan route in India

Machu Picchu in Peru

The dunes of Sossusvlei, Namibia

Portugal's Atlantic coast

The Volcano Route, New Zealand

Hidden risks

Awareness of the dangers of off-road driving

Driving a 4×4 involves considerable dangers for passengers, the driver, the environment and other road users. That’s why you need to be aware of the various dangers on the road.

Unforeseen obstacles: rocks, potholes, etc.

Drive carefully over rocks and potholes to protect your 4×4.

Risk of overturning: slopes, holes...

Cross a slope by adapting your speed and angle of attack.

Rescue access: difficulties, inaccessibility...

It may take longer for help to arrive if you break down in a rough terrain.

Weather conditions: dangerous driving

Remember to adjust your speed, switch on your lights and increase your safety distance during bad weather.

Park smart

Best parking techniques

Reverse herringbone parking

Herringbone parking makes it easier for cars to get out and saves space. It is often used in wide streets and car parks.

Parking Row

This manoeuvre optimises the space available and simplifies parking. To get it right, you need to get used to the handling and dimensions of your car.